FF14 - Bard- For Malinda

I will be completely honest I have admired Malinda's work for a VERY VERY long time and to be able to work with her on a project was something that I have always wanted to do. Great person, and if you ever get the chance to talk to her you will not be let down.

Here is the start of the process:

Challenge was to make the thing come apart for transport and to transform from bow to harp and back again.

Reference photos provided by Malinda:

I started by isolating the bow and making a template to work from

Using this template I cut the rough outline of the bow/harp. I had to use a nice plywood so that it would be able to tolerate the stresses it would need to take during the swinging of the bow handle.

The hook would slide into a channel and pin in. The channel would be covered by details later. Channel on the left is cut to allow the bandsaw to pass through. Jig saw was not an option here due to the precision necessary.

Started adding PVC details. Layers of PVC were added and carved to give more depth. Pins made from acrylic added to allow the thing to rotate into position to transform.

Added cosmetic details using PVC to stack. Stack 3mm PVC, carve and glue it down. 

Wound up conceding and cutting off the spike at the top to work on it separately.

Added carving and fluting details to the bottom of the bow. Carved with a utility knife.

Added mounts for the strings to slot into as well as some metal pieces at the bottom for the string.

Primed and sanded using Rustoleum Filler Primer

Base coats painted with spray paints. Hand painted with Testor's enamels.

Malinda finished it prior to con. I provided feathers, string and a bell.

She also did some painting improvements as well as added even more depth to the piece. 

Photo by Koisplay

Gate - Rory Mercury- ALA 2016

Rory got onto my waifu list pretty much IMMEDIATELY after I watched Gate. She's painfully hot. I badgered Jane for pretty much forever to cosplay her.

Dreams come true. 



I cut out the base from PVC foam with Jane's help. 

Glued the base to a curtain rod

Carved the back piece using a belt sander.

Made the top fork with 1 piece of PVC foam carved to shape using a belt sander.

The blunt endge was left flat to make way for the ribbing that would support the blade bevel

Closed up the bevel.


Glued on the details and added Bondo to the seams.

Painted using spray paint. Jane actually corrected me that the top fork was purple. Oops.

Debuted at ALA 2016!

League of Legends - Nidalee - Fanime 2015

I'll be perfectly honest. I can't hit javelins at all as Nid. Not even in ARAM. I'm sorry.

Despite that I cosplayed her, because why not. I've worked my body at the gym might as well use it. AND I MADE GAREN WHICH WAS UNCOMFORTABLE SO I DESERVE SOMETHING COMFY.

In any case I enlisted some help designing the costume.

Lan's concept

Chuwei's concept

I wound up using bits and pieces from both as well as my own concepts.

First bit was to pattern the javelin from the in game model.

Blow it up to the right size.

I used 3 pieces of plywood stacked together and ground down to make the shaft. I went for a wild feel so it's not even close to cylindrical or even.

I drafted a pattern for the head.

Using PVC I built the skeleton.

Then made a skin of PVC around it.

Cut a pattern for the detailing

Glued to the skin of the javelin head.

Added trim.

Added posts for the teeth/bones and cleaned up with Bondo.

Made the teeth/bones from foam and Apoxie Sculpt.

Drilled a hole to allow them to be used like beads.

Added electrical tape and weathered.

Painted javelin head and stained shaft.

Added bones.

Debuted at Fanime 2015.

Photo by Tiffany

Photo by BigWhiteBazooka

Photo by Somatic Studios